CBD for Pets: Can Dogs and Cats Benefit from CBD Too?
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CBD has become a popular supplement for humans to support overall health and treat certain conditions. But is CBD safe for our furry friends too? Here’s what pet owners should know about using CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets.

How CBD Can Help Pets

Like humans, dogs, cats, and other mammals have an endocannabinoid system. This means they can benefit from cannabinoids like CBD just as people do. CBD may help pets in the following ways:

  • Reducing anxiety behaviors like separation anxiety, noise phobias, and aggression
  • Relieving chronic pain and arthritis
  • Minimizing seizures and epilepsy symptoms
  • Improving skin issues like itchiness, redness, and allergic reactions
  • Stimulating appetite and reducing nausea

Pet CBD products like oils, treats, and capsules can target these types of health concerns in dogs, cats, and more.

Important Considerations for Pet CBD

It’s crucial to choose high-quality CBD products designed specifically with pets in mind. Human CBD products can contain ingredients like xylitol, grapeseed oil, or high THC levels that are unsafe for animals.

The CBD should be organic and third-party tested. Only purchase CBD from reputable brands that provide proof of quality control.

Dosing is also key. CBD should be given based on the pet’s weight and needs. Always start with small doses and monitor the animal’s reaction. A veterinarian can help guide safe CBD use.

Administration of Pet CBD

CBD oils can be mixed into food or placed directly in the mouth. Treats and capsules provide pre-measured CBD doses that many pets take readily.

Topical CBD creams, balms, and sprays can be applied to the skin to provide localized relief. Give CBD consistently and be patient when observing effects. Gradual improvement is typical.

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

Research shows CBD is generally safe for pets when dosed properly. Mild side effects like digestive upset and drowsiness may occur. Negative interactions with other medications are also possible.

Discuss using CBD with your vet first, especially if your pet is on other medications or has health conditions. Never give CBD to pregnant or nursing pets either.

The Takeaway on Pet CBD

Preliminary studies and anecdotal evidence suggest CBD may benefit four-legged family members struggling with pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. Following safety guidelines is essential when administering CBD to pets.

While more research is still needed, pet CBD is a promising option to naturally support dogs, cats, and other animals. Consult a veterinarian to see if CBD could be a helpful part of your pet’s wellness plan.



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