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Wellness Tincture


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ACTIVE RELEAF WELLNESS TINCTURE is our fastest-acting internal remedy. Formulated with Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hempseed Oil) extract and coconut MCT oil, our tincture helps deliver a more bioavailable method when consumed sublingually. It may assist in supporting inflammation, sleep complaints, headaches, migraines, joint and muscle tightness and pain, digestive complaints, and anxious feelings.

Available in 3 variants.

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Experience the impact of our ACTIVE RELEAF WELLNESS TINCTURE. It’s our quickest sativa oil edible solution, crafted with a potent concentration of broad-spectrum rich hemp plant extract, including hempseed oil, and coconut MCT oil. This tincture is designed to deliver the active ign in a more bioavailable way, making it best consumed sublingually (applied under the tongue).

This wonderful blend of cannabis sativa oil may help support various issues such as inflammation, sleep disturbances, headaches, migraines, tightness and discomfort in joints and muscles, digestive complaints, and feelings of anxiety. And the best part? It comes in natural or spearmint flavours, allowing you to choose based on your preference.

The two powerhouse ingredients in our tincture is the broad-spectrum hemp plant extract and coconut MCT oil. Together, these ingredients create a potent tincture that aims to promote overall wellness.

We offer our ACTIVE RELEAF WELLNESS TINCTURE in three strength variants to cater to your needs. The regular version contains 400mg of cannabis sativa oil, the extra strength has 1000mg and for those requiring a higher dosage, the max strength variant contains a whopping 2000mg of active ingredients.

With our rich tincture, your journey to relief and wellbeing with hempseed oil just got more effective!

Available in 3 Variants:

Original Formula: 30ml bottle with a 1ml dropper. Available in 2 flavours (Natural, Spearmint)

Extra Strength: 30ml bottle with a 1ml dropper |  Available in 2 flavours (Natural and Spearmint)

Maximum Strength: 30ml bottle with a 1ml dropper |  Available in 2 flavours (Natural and Spearmint)

  • Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hempseed Oil

  • Coconut MCT oil

  • Natural food grade flavouring (Spearmint only)

Suggested Usage:

  • Place ½- full dropper under the tongue, let it sit for 30 seconds, then swallow.
  • Use 1-2 times daily, adjust dosage as desired.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Product shelf life : 2 Years

*For the tincture to be rapidly absorbed sublingually through the blood vessels (vs. the digestive tract), we suggest you let it sit under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

14 reviews for Wellness Tincture

  1. Cristopher L.

    Active Releaf’s oral tincture is a game changer for my post-workout recovery. Less soreness and more readiness for the next day!

  2. Justin Sun

    After trying the Active Releaf tinctures, I’m convinced CBD is the future of natural wellness. It’s been transformative for me and my wife.

  3. John Pitau

    I travel a lot for work, and the tinctures are my go-to for jet lag and maintaining my health on the road. I’m actually posting this after taking a few drops in Dallas airport.

  4. Elynn Cannon

    As someone who struggles with chronic pain, these tinctures have been a lifesaver. It’s amazing to find relief without having to rely on heavy medications.

  5. Crystal S.

    I introduced my friends to the tinctures, and now we’re all Active Releaf fans. It’s great sharing something that genuinely improves our lives.

  6. Kofi G.

    I appreciate the transparency and quality of Active Releaf products. Their oral tinctures are now a staple in my health regimen. My beagle is getting on in age and has pain in his legs so I may get the petcare drops for him next.

  7. Rob Gray (verified owner)

    awesome product i have sleeping and anxiety issues since taking this product i sleep better and my anxiety is so much easier to handle. I highly recommend this company

  8. xKatEstelle (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these for almost a year now as well as the capsules (miss the old ones) and the Last few times I’ve ordered the extra strength tinctures at least one of the tinctures has had a wonky top piece, doesn’t seal right and leaks. I’ve been pretty disappointed honestly because I end up just wasting a lot of the cbd oil instead of it ending up under my tongue.
    The cbd quality is great, but the tool used to extract the oil and put under the tongue seems to be going down in quality Hopefully I don’t end up with a messed up cap the next order.

  9. Dave Solann

    I’ve tried various CBD tinctures, but none compare to the quality and effectiveness of these. Highly recommend for anyone exploring natural relief options.

  10. Laura H.

    Wasn’t sure about trying CBD, but the oral tinctures from Active made me a believer. Great product for managing my stress levels. Good stuff.

  11. Laila Naura

    Ever since I started using the Active Releaf oral tinctures, my daily wellness routine has taken a leap for the better. I feel more balanced and my sleep has improved remarkably.

  12. Muggs Malone

    Great quality CBD oil. Active Releaf is my go-to for tinctures. It helps with my IBS, chronic pain, and acne. Amazing quality, local product!

  13. Emma S.

    Ever since I started using the Active tinctures, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality. It’s been a game-changer for me! I also appreciate the choice between natural and spearmint. The spearmint is my personal favourite. It’s refreshing and makes taking my daily dose of cannabinoids enjoyable, not something that I dread.

  14. James. P.

    Dealing with joint discomfort has been a constant problem for me. But ever since I found the Releaf tinctures from a friend, it’s been much easier to manage. I was particularly impressed with how quickly I felt its effects. The higher strength variant, with 2000mg of cannabinoids, has been incredibly helpful for me. Plus, knowing that it’s made with high-quality ingredients like broad-spectrum hemp and MCT oil gives me peace of mind. I use coconut MCT before my workouts too.

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