2022: Reflection With Purpose


No one can dispute that this year has been one of significant challenge and change. Now that Covid-19 is no longer dominating all of our news platforms on a daily basis, it seems that we are closer than ever to the end of the pandemic. Yet, the mandatory mask policy in B.C. was only lifted in mid-March of this year and proof of vaccines was removed in early April 2022. Now, as the year draws to a close, we hardly hear the word Covid uttered much in conversations anymore. Everyone is eager and willing to put the devastating event that consumed the last two-and-a-half years of our lives well behind us.     

If there was ever a better time to reflect on the past year, 2022 would certainly be it. So, how do we begin to undertake meaningful reflection? We have come up with some purposeful ways to help you reflect on 2022 and move forward in 2023.   

What is the point of reflection?

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When you reflect on the past, it is like giving feedback to yourself. You may look at the highlights and the disappointments, the gains and the losses and then draw conclusions to improve in the next year. The point is to learn lessons and notice patterns of behavior that can benefit your future. By understanding your motivations, you obtain better insight on how to handle similar future situations more optimally.     

How to Reflect Productively

So, how do we look back on the past year and draw useful conclusions that will help us improve? Setting some achievable goals for 2023 in these categories will help you focus your thoughts in a more organized manner.

  •   Health
  •   Family
  •   Friends & Relationships
  •   Career
  •   Finances
  •   Education
  •   Mental health (self-care)
  •   Personal growth/ Self-development

Another way to reflect is to simply take stock of all the highlights of your past year. What was the best thing that happened to you? What was your biggest achievement? Balance these out by noting your biggest challenges and things that did not go well or as planned.

Next, do a deeper dive by delving in further detail. List the goals that you achieved and state the steps that led to your success. Then list the goals that were not achieved and examine the reasons why they did not bear fruition. What would you do better if you had a chance? What lessons did you learn and were there any repeated mistakes?   

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After experiencing such a tumultuous year as 2022, it is imperative to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that will enable you to make sense of the past year effectively and to put a better perspective on aspects of your life. Simply add a page to your reflection journal with the heading, “I am grateful for…” and list everything that comes to mind.     

Moving Forward

Once you have completed your reflection of the past year, you will automatically start to feel more ready and prepared to take on another year. By consciously reviewing your past experiences and actions, you will have a sound understanding of your motivations and be more ideally prepared to embark on a new year with confidence, purpose and appreciation. What better way is there to start 2023?    



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