Convenient Hemp Seed Oil Gifts For The Holidays
ACTIVE RELEAF Virtual Gift Card


As the holiday season approaches, we at ACTIVE RELEAF are excited to offer our customers a perfect gift solution that combines convenience, thoughtfulness, and wellness: our range of virtual and physical gift cards. These cards are an ideal choice for those interested in natural health products, particularly our hemp seed oil-based offerings.

Virtual Gift Cards: The Ultimate Convenience

Our virtual gift cards are a swift and straightforward way to share the gift of wellness. They are easily customizable with values ranging from $20 to $1,000 and can be personalized with a special message. Upon purchase, these cards are delivered directly to the recipient’s email, making them a perfect last-minute or long-distance present. The recipient can use these cards to explore our wide range of products, which include edibles like gummies and capsules, skincare items such as soaps and bath salts, and health-focused products like tinctures and pet drops. These products cater to those seeking natural alternatives for health and well-being, emphasizing the therapeutic properties of hemp seed oil.

Physical Gift Cards: A Personal Touch

For those who prefer traditional gift-giving methods, our physical gift cards offer a tangible way to show you care. Delivered directly to the giver, these cards allow you to present your gift in person, adding a personal touch to the act of giving.

Gift Flexibility and Choice

Both our virtual and physical gift cards can be redeemed across our entire product line, allowing recipients the flexibility to choose products that best suit their needs. Whether it’s for pain relief, skincare, or general wellness, our gift cards provide an invitation to a healthier lifestyle and a journey towards holistic well-being.

The Ideal Gift This Holiday Season

In this season of giving, our gift cards stand out as thoughtful, practical, and health-promoting choices. Whether you’re shopping for a wellness enthusiast or someone new to hemp-based products, ACTIVE RELEAF’s gift cards offer the perfect blend of flexibility and personalization. They are an excellent choice for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, providing a unique opportunity to gift wellness and introduce loved ones to the beneficial world of hemp seed oil products. Shop with us and give the gift of health and well-being this holiday season.



To ensure the highest quality, all products are third-party laboratory tested.


Our products are locally sourced, produced and packaged in BC.


Sourced from industrial hemp seeds, our products offer many health benefits.

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Our products contain compounds found within plants to fully utilize the benefits of plants.


Our products are THC free and contain no pesticides, residual solvents or heavy metals.

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We only use high-quality all-natural plant-based ingredients to provide the best healing.

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