Active Releaf Physical Gift Cards – A Thoughtful and Versatile Present
ACTIVE RELEAF Physical Gift Cards Canada


Active Releaf’s Physical Gift Cards are a versatile and thoughtful option that allows your loved ones the freedom to choose their path to wellness and relaxation. Let’s explore why an Active Releaf Gift Card is a delightful gift for anyone on your holiday list.

The Versatility and Convenience of Active Releaf Gift Cards

Active Releaf’s Physical Gift Cards offer a world of possibilities in the palm of your hand. These cards are not just a simple gift; they are a gateway to a range of premium wellness products, including CBD-infused balms, soaps, tinctures, and more. Here’s why they make an exceptional holiday gift:

  1. Freedom of Choice: With an Active Releaf Gift Card, recipients have the freedom to select from a wide variety of high-quality, wellness-focused products. Whether they’re CBD enthusiasts or new to the world of hemp-based wellness, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Elegantly Designed: The physical gift cards are elegantly designed, making them a sophisticated and tangible present that is delightful to give and receive.
  3. Easy to Purchase and Gift: Available directly from Active Releaf’s website, these gift cards can be conveniently purchased and delivered to your doorstep, ready to be gifted.
  4. Personalized Gifting Experience: Unlike specific products, a gift card allows recipients to tailor their choices to their unique preferences, ensuring they get exactly what they desire.
  5. Ideal for Any Occasion: Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or just a token of appreciation, these gift cards are suitable for any occasion, making them a versatile gift choice.

Creative Ways to Present Active Releaf Gift Cards

  • Wellness-Themed Gift Basket: Enhance the gift card by placing it in a basket filled with other wellness items like herbal teas, a scented candle, or a yoga mat for an overall health and wellness-themed gift.
  • Spa Day Package: Pair the gift card with spa accessories like a plush robe, bath bombs, and a soothing playlist, inviting your loved one to a relaxing spa day at home.
  • Customized Greeting Card: Include the gift card in a personalized greeting card, expressing your warm wishes and letting them know why you chose Active Releaf for their wellness journey.

Purchasing Active Releaf Gift Cards

These thoughtful gift cards can be easily purchased from our Active Releaf website. You can select the desired amount and have the beautifully designed physical card shipped either to you or directly to your gift recipient.

Active Releaf Physical Gift Cards offer a thoughtful, flexible, and elegant solution to holiday gifting. They open up a world of wellness choices, allowing your loved ones to explore and enjoy premium CBD products tailored to their preferences. This holiday season, give the gift of wellness, choice, and elegance with an Active Releaf Gift Card.



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Our products are locally sourced, produced and packaged in BC.


Sourced from industrial hemp seeds, our products offer many health benefits.

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Our products contain compounds found within plants to fully utilize the benefits of plants.


Our products are THC free and contain no pesticides, residual solvents or heavy metals.

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We only use high-quality all-natural plant-based ingredients to provide the best healing.

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