Routines: Not Just Your Everyday List
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When most people hear the word “routine”, they cringe at the thought. Often, that dreaded word is associated with predictability and boredom. But in fact, maintaining a routine can offer some tangible health benefits, especially when aspects of your life feel stressful. A routine can help you create structure and allows you to feel more organized and in control. When people do not have any structure to their day, stress and anxiety usually ensue and can snowball into feelings of being overwhelmed. In reality, a routine can offer you a more enjoyable life and does not need to be boring at all.

The health benefits of having a routine

Routines can play an important role in mental health by keeping stress and anxiety in check. A regular routine can help you:

  • Decrease stress levels – without a routine, people usually have a constant, nagging feeling of “when will I get it all done”. A regular routine provides a sense of being organized, productive and in control. It enables you more time to relax which reduces anxiety.
  • Obtain better sleep – your daily routine can improve your quality of rest. With a regular sleep schedule, which includes a consistent time for going to bed and waking up, your emotional well-being and energy levels are optimized.   
  • Achieve better health – making time to exercise is achievable through a routine. Once you build in time for exercise, you will see a positive habit forming and soon, you will reap the rewards of better health and energy.
  • Feel more productive – when you get all your necessary tasks out of the way, you will have more time to enjoy fun activities and hobbies. Imagine the joy you feel when you accomplish tasks efficiently.  

The key is to create a routine that adds structure and a sense of organization to your day. Of course, your schedule may change somewhat because life is not always predictable, but having some structure can help you feel less stressed and more organized overall. 

Creating a healthy routine and following it

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Not everyone requires a fully scheduled day in order to gain health benefits from a routine. Find what works best for you. For example, ask yourself whether you prefer a structured daily schedule or just a general to-do list for the day. Some people might thrive with a regular schedule that outlines activities into time blocks while others would rather tick off a list of tasks they need to accomplish in their day. 

Once you have an idea of the regular tasks you need to accomplish, then start creating an outline by slotting in when you want to complete them each day. Intentionally schedule a specific time to take care of high priority tasks. Once you have allocated time for those must-do tasks, you will be free to focus on using the rest of your time effectively. Make sure to set realistic goals. Be sure to include something that you enjoy and can look forward to in your day. The small rewards in your routine add some fun and makes the chores less onerous.

All-natural products enrich your routine

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Once you have established a routine that works well and you are feeling more productive and energetic, you may want to consider treating yourself by adding all-natural wellness products into your routine.  Our ACTIVE RELEAF SELFCARE line offers several pampering products to include into your routine to help you relax and

reduce any remaining anxiety. ACTIVE RELEAF Bath Bombs, Bath Salts and Bar Soaps are all made with the highest quality broad-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract. They encourage relaxation in all forms and soothe the mind and body, making them an ideal part of your regular routine.   

Making changes to your daily life can be hard. Allow yourself some flexibility and don’t beat yourself up if you deviate from your schedule. Simply having a routine is already a step towards better organization, less stress and ultimately, a healthier life.



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