RELEAF STICK – Original Formula

RELEAF STICK – Original Formula

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ACTIVE RELEAF’s topical RELEAF STICKs are an easy and effective way to support inflammatory related joint and muscle discomfort. Providing a cooling, soothing sensation and relief for up to approximately 4-6 hours, our unique blend of all-natural ingredients was scientifically formulated and tested over 2 years to ensure the best quality and combination of ingredients.


  • Broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp extract
  • Coconut oil
  • Menthol crystals
  • Peppermint essential oils
  • Arnica
  • Soywax
  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax

Suggested Usage:

  • Apply liberally to the affected area as needed.
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Offering a collection of plant-based wellness products, our aim is to encourage active wellness through the use of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Active ReLeaf only uses the highest quality broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract which can offer physically and mentally relaxing benefits and support inflammation in the body. Available in 3 sizes in both original formula and extra strength, giving the user the convenience of different sizes and the choice of preferred essential oils and strength.

9 reviews for RELEAF STICK – Original Formula

  1. Michael Watt (verified owner)

    This stuff is magic, I’ve tried every isolate product out there and nothing compares to this topical for my shoulders after a hard day of pitching baseball. I’ll keep buying this one.

  2. ericamsteven (verified owner)

    Was not a follower nor believer in cannabinoid products but tried this as a last ditch attempt to solve some ailments and within 15 mins the pain had ebbed. Have been recommending this product to everyone. Worth the money and more!

    • Active ReLeaf

      Thank you for your review Erica. The power of broad-plant spectrum oil is very effective. We are happy you are getting the ReLeaf you have been looking for!

  3. astorring (verified owner)

    Hello all, anyone suffering from pain, muscle tension., etc. This is the product for you! I had a large rack fall on my hip 2 years ago and countless trips to the chiropractor , physio, massage…this stick works the best! I dont have to wait for my appointments, just roll it on and helps tremendously for hours. My husband also uses it when he has sore muscles as he is a plumber. Get it. It’s so worth it! A. Storring thank you again Mike. A pleasure corresponding with you.

    • Active ReLeaf

      Thank you for the review on your experience with our products. Some people are very surprised how fast and effective our topical really is. Appointments at the physio and chiro can get expensive. Having this topical available anytime at home or work is very handy!

  4. Faye Kempf (verified owner)

    Thank you Mike for all your help !
    Not only with the product info but with the website help. My son gave me the 300mg Releaf stick sometime ago and my partner and I have enjoyed the joint pain relief so much that I had to get more. I was so “relieved “ to find “ReLeaf” and to get such great help from the Sales Manager Mike.
    I am extremely happy to have received my order so soon after placing the order and to have a follow up from Mike.
    Thank you thank you from Faye K !

    • Active ReLeaf

      Thank you for the kind words Faye, we really appreciate the feedback. We are pleased our ReLeaf stick is giving you the relief you have been looking for!

  5. Souad888 (verified owner)

    I originally purchased this product from my physiotherapist’s office for my husband to use for his hip (sciatica pain). It was so bad he couldn’t even sleep from the pain. All the physio he was doing was helping but it wouldn’t go away. He tried the Releaf 300mg and it worked so well. He couldn’t believe it. He’s since used it for his arthritis pain in fingers and knees as well. He loves the product. So I went back and bought another one for my Mom and she had the same results. She loves it. Now for me, I have inflammation in my elbow and I just started using it two weeks ago and I can also testify to great “releaf”. It works so good. I haven’t tried the extra strength one yet, but I just ordered it with the wonderful help of Mike and I will certainly will be providing my review in the future. Apparently, soon they will have the bath bombs, I cant wait to try that. This really is a great product. Thanks Mike!

    • Active ReLeaf Wellness

      Thank you for the wonderful review Souad. Our customer feedback is important to us. We are all happy to hear that great news from your husband and your mom as well. We really do have some special products at Active ReLeaf. Take care and stay safe!

  6. dtkrfor (verified owner)

    I was tired of using other muscle rubs and them only working for a few minutes it seemed. I tried this stuff from my grandma she uses it to help with her arthritis in her knees and it worked awesome and lasted for long periods of time! I suggest this stuff to everyone in pain I threw out all my other topical rubs and ONLY use the releaf stick.

    • Active ReLeaf Wellness

      Thank you for your feedback we appreciate it. Our ReLeaf stick topical continues to support our customers needs. We are pleased to hear our topical is helping your Grandma and you. Take care.

  7. Jenosaur (verified owner)

    My knee tends to get easily and painfully inflamed, and my coworker lent me her Releaf stick for me to try. 20 minutes later, I bought my own. That was yesterday, and it just arrived today. Are you wizards?

    • Active ReLeaf

      We are happy to hear that you found our ReLeaf stick, good news travels fast with great products! Thank you for your feedback, take care!

  8. Barb Bremner (verified owner)

    The Releaf stick is a fantastic product that exceeded our expectations! Both my husband and I found the Releaf stick to do everything promised and more. My husband is an avid golfer and found using the stick on his arthritic fingers enabled him to better grip the golf club with no pain. I have used it for ongoing muscle issues in my lower back and hip and I have been able to sleep better at night. We have recommended the product to numerous friends who have purchased and they have been highly satisfied with the results for a wide range of pain issues in joints and muscles as well as for arthritis. We highly recommend you give it a try. Great value and great results! Barb B.

    • Active ReLeaf

      Thank you Barb for sharing your story about you and your husbands experience with using our ReLeaf Stick. We are pleased you are getting the results and relief you both deserve. Thank you for spreading the word of your experience with your friends and family. Take care and stay safe!

  9. gakattack79 (verified owner)

    In 2018 or 19, My wife and I found the Releaf stick at the Toronto Home show exhibition. Best purchase we made! We use it on all our muscle aches and pain and get great results. Sore back?…. Releaf stick. Tight neck muscle?… Releaf stick. Shoulders sore?…. Yes. Releaf Stick. Thanks Active Releaf.

    • Active ReLeaf

      Thank you for such wonderful feedback. We are glad you are receiving such excellent relief with our products, and we agree – reLeaf stick for everything!

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