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*WARNING* – During warmer weather, our RELEAF STICK and BALM contents may melt or soften if left in the heat. This may happen because our products do not contain any preservatives or additives. Please refer to our Product FAQ for more information.

ACTIVE RELEAF’s topical RELEAF STICKs are an easy and effective way to support inflammatory related joint and muscle discomfort. Providing a cooling, soothing sensation and relief for up to approximately 4-6 hours, our unique blend of all-natural ingredients was scientifically formulated and tested over 2 years to ensure the best quality and combination of ingredients. We currently offer two variants of the RELEAF STICK.

Our unique blend of all-natural ingredients was scientifically formulated and tested over 2 years to ensure the best quality you can trust.

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We currently offer two variants of the RELEAF STICK:

  • Original Formula: Available in 3 sizes – 15g(60mg), 30g(120mg) & 75g(300mg)
  • Extra Strength: Available in 3 sizes – 15g(100mg), 30g(200mg) & 75g(500mg)


broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich Hemp extract, coconut oil, menthol crystals, peppermint essential oil (original formula), eucalyptus + wintergreen essential oils (extra strength), arnica, soywax, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E.

Original Formula:

Available in 3 sizes 15g(60mg), 30g(120mg) & 75g(300mg)

Extra Strength:

Available in 3 sizes 15g(100mg), 30g(200mg) & 75g(500mg)

Suggested Usage:

Apply liberally to the affected area as needed.

Product shelf life:

2 Years

34 reviews for RELEAF STICK

  1. JUDY Kelly (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for a couple of years and I am very impressed with it. I’ve also convinced a few of my family and friends and they are happy with it. Thank you.

  2. Diane Waite (verified owner)

    This stick is beyond amazing!!! My husband and I have tried several other products to relieve knee and elbow pain and nothing takes our pain totally away like this product. We highly recommend it to anyone suffering from joint pain.

  3. KMcPhee1982 (verified owner)

    Life changing!! I had such extremely back pain I could hardly move or work. This stuff has changed my life! I’m back horse back riding after my doctor advised I get a new hobby! Ride on!

  4. Brad Sawlor (verified owner)

    Excellent product.. We have been using Active Releaf Sticks since they first came out on the market.. It made a believer out of my wife who sufffered from hip pain.. Finally a product that gives the results they advertise…

  5. Jana Scott Lindsay (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Brings instant relief. Whether it is sore muscles or a little bloating. It does the trick. Grateful to have a product that works so well.

  6. Karmjit Sandhu (verified owner)

    This is the real deal that the entire family uses. An absolute must for sore muscles.

  7. Robbed (verified owner)

    Has become a staple in my medicine cabinet. Great for muscle, back, and headache releaf.

  8. tnsmayo (verified owner)

    The stick is great for pain relief. It’s perfect for putting in your purse or work bag. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering so you can use it and still go out. I use it at work all the time for my shoulder and would be lost without it. Works fast so you can get back to life, lasts me quite a few hours.

  9. KRO (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Releaf stick for a while now for a back problem and an issue with my knee. I’m not big on the idea of taking pain killers so the idea of a topical was very interesting to me. I’ve been very happy with the results (increased mobility, less dull ache). The product was recommended to me and, as a (very) skeptical person, I usually wouldn’t try something new – glad I did. I’ve told a couple of other people about this and asked for their opinions, both tried it and were impressed. I’m currently trying a few of your other products as well – hoping to be equally impressed.

  10. Jackie Yiptong Avila (verified owner)

    Surprisingly effective for a chronic back pain. Easy to apply, I certainly recommend.

  11. Chelsea Clark (verified owner)

    i love this product, it was my first introduction to cannabinoids and i have been so grateful for the pain relief they offer me.

  12. Cathrine Fischer (verified owner)

    This is the best product I have found so far for my fibromyalgia, arthritis, and stress related pain. It works for my Dad’s knee pain, back, and shoulder pain, and my sister’s family is thoroughly enjoying it as well. Thank you for creating this wonderful product!

  13. Alexandra McCoy (verified owner)

    I have never found anything other than prescription drugs to help relieve my menstrual pain, this works. It helps me cut back on my dosage of pain management pills. I tell all of my friends who experience chronic pain about this topical option.

  14. Jennifer Richards (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the releaf stick!! I suffer from migraines and I use it on the back of my neck, forehead and temples. It gives a nice cooling effect and relieves the pressure in my head (makes the eyes water if too close to the eye). It doesn’t always take the migraines away, but makes the migraines bearable until the medication kicks in. I also use it for back pain and it’s just magical!

  15. Kelli Wallace (verified owner)

    The extra strength stick is absolutely the best medicine ever! It works for sore muscles, strained joints, and you don’t feel any side effects. I go through it like water as I’ve broken my back twice in the last few years and this has certainly helped me in my recovery process. I’ve tried the balm but I still prefer the convenience and less mess of the stick!

  16. Brittney G. O’Leary

    Just one more reason this Releaf+ Stick is a MUST-HAVE in our house. My husband and I both recently got our first COVID vaccine dose and, like many others had warned, our injection arms were very sore and quite useless from the discomfort. I remembered how the stick had been such life-saver for my sore shoulders and back following an intense workout. It only took about a half hour after applying the Releaf+ Stick before both of us realized most of our pain was gone. After about 2 hours, we had zero pain! It’s truly a magic pain eraser!

  17. Steve Kelly

    I really had little hope that this stuff would work but I was wrong. I’ve given it to friends, co-workers, and used it myself and the reports always come back the same. This stuff is super effective against inflammation. Smells great too! Thanks, Active Releaf team, keep up the great work!

  18. David Williams

    I have used the regular strength in the past and decided on purchasing the extra strength to see how effective it is and I am not disappointed.
    Works as advertised.
    Online purchase was quick and easy. The product shipped and arrived very quickly.
    And thank you for the hand sanitizer included in my package. I love it!

  19. Corinne Papania

    I Absolutely LOVE this product. I suffer from chronic muscle pain in most areas of my body but especially in my neck from a severe whiplash. I have seen a big improvement since using this product. I also find it helps immensely when I get a migraine by rubbing it on my neck area! I also have chronic sciatic pain that gets worse in the colder weather! This product has given me a lot of relief for this extremely painful condition I am buying myself two of these for a Christmas present. I can’t wait to get them! Thank you so much for this AMAZING product!

  20. gakattack79

    In 2018 or 19, My wife and I found the Releaf stick at the Toronto Home show exhibition. Best purchase we made! We use it on all our muscle aches and pain and get great results. Sore back?…. Releaf stick. Tight neck muscle?… Releaf stick. Shoulders sore?…. Yes. Releaf Stick. Thanks Active Releaf.

  21. Barb Bremner

    The Releaf stick is a fantastic product that exceeded our expectations! Both my husband and I found the Releaf stick to do everything promised and more. My husband is an avid golfer and found using the stick on his arthritic fingers enabled him to better grip the golf club with no pain. I have used it for ongoing muscle issues in my lower back and hip and I have been able to sleep better at night. We have recommended the product to numerous friends who have purchased and they have been highly satisfied with the results for a wide range of pain issues in joints and muscles as well as for arthritis. We highly recommend you give it a try. Great value and great results! Barb B.

  22. Jenosaur

    My knee tends to get easily and painfully inflamed, and my coworker lent me her Releaf stick for me to try. 20 minutes later, I bought my own. That was yesterday, and it just arrived today. Are you wizards?

  23. Kim Mills

    I first tried this product at my mother-in-laws. I immediately noticed the pain relief. I love the menthol coolness of the extra strength stick. It works on all my a hes and pains so well I have ordered 2 more. Absolutely ? love it

  24. Lindsey Wilson

    This product I swear by!!!! Best product I have tried and I will never switch to anything else!!! I tore my ACL 4 years ago and the pain some days is too much and this stick is the best thing I have ever tried!! I carry it every where I go I LOVE it and completely recommend this to everyone I know!!!

  25. dtkrfor

    I was tired of using other muscle rubs and them only working for a few minutes it seemed. I tried this stuff from my grandma she uses it to help with her arthritis in her knees and it worked awesome and lasted for long periods of time! I suggest this stuff to everyone in pain I threw out all my other topical rubs and ONLY use the releaf stick.

  26. Souad888

    I originally purchased this product from my physiotherapist’s office for my husband to use for his hip (sciatica pain). It was so bad he couldn’t even sleep from the pain. All the physio he was doing was helping but it wouldn’t go away. He tried the Releaf 300mg and it worked so well. He couldn’t believe it. He’s since used it for his arthritis pain in fingers and knees as well. He loves the product. So I went back and bought another one for my Mom and she had the same results. She loves it. Now for me, I have inflammation in my elbow and I just started using it two weeks ago and I can also testify to great “releaf”. It works so good. I haven’t tried the extra strength one yet, but I just ordered it with the wonderful help of Mike and I will certainly will be providing my review in the future. Apparently, soon they will have the bath bombs, I cant wait to try that. This really is a great product.

  27. Nancy Gibson

    I was introduced to the tincture and ReLeaf stick last summer. The stick brought almost instant relief to my achy knee and I was able to extend my hikes and do so more often. The tincture took a little longer to work but I feel the benefits daily. I strongly feel it helps keep my rheumatoid arthritis inflammation pain in check. I also order the soap – fewer ingredients – happy skin!
    Thanks to Judy, who recommended and thank you Active ReLeaf for your products.

  28. kbaker

    I want to tell you I am very thankful for the ReLeaf Stick topical. I have Ischial tuberosity bursitis. Been in pain for two years, found your topical and thank you thank you thank you. No more drugs for pain relief. Best thing I have found for pain relief. I have told so many about your products, highly recommended! Also great it’s made in Canada. Thank you again!

  29. Pam Tyrrell

    I really am unable to share the amazing pain relief the Active Releaf extra strength stick offers me. I have these sticks all over the house and so they are easily within reach, in my purse ( travel size –good job Active Releaf!), and with me at all times while I train at the gym. My workouts are very intense and the Active Releaf stick is my best friend when it comes to stiffness and pain.
    I originally tried this at a market. The pain relief for myself was evident within seconds. I felt the pain literally “dissolve” out of my hands. I was pain free for 3 days. I have pain in shoulders, elbows, hands (from overuse) and muscles –all due to extreme training at the gym. I often would lose sleep as the pain and discomfort would wake me up. I would need to take Advil to relieve the pain and so I could sleep; I was “eating” extra strength Advil hand over fist every night. The Active Releaf stick is a saving grace. If I wake up with pain I simply reach for my stick and apply to the affected area; within minutes I am able to sleep pain free. I love the combination of the Arnica with the cannabinoids–this makes so much sense!!!! The fragrance of the essential oils is fresh as well as the oils being functional working with the cannabinoids and Arnica. I love that this is an all natural product with no side effects other than being pain free. Pain free is a great side effect and my hands are still on the “steering wheel!” I have offered this stick for others to try and many are amazed at their results and as a result have purchased from Active Releaf for themselves. I have no problem sharing what I have with others to try and/or telling anyone reading this review, “What do you have to lose? Pain and discomfort!!!! And that is a good thing to lose!”
    Thank you Active ReLeaf for your vision and passion…keep on, keeping on!
    Pam T. (Stratford, Ontario)

  30. Teriwheeler

    I normally do not write reviews on products that I have purchase. However I am so thrilled with the Active Releaf products…. how could I not write something.
    I purchased a couple of the Active Releaf Extra strength Sticks a couple of months ago. I unfortunately suffer from extreme pain due to nerve damage in my neck. I had broken my neck approximately 20 years ago. I had to endure a 8 hour surgery to repair the damage. Around 8 years ago I required additional neck surgery and unfortunately after that surgery the nerve damage was extreme and got worse. I have to see a pain management doctor every week to get Nerve Block needles in my neck, shoulders and head just to survive life. However the Releaf I get from those needles is not immediate …. I pretty much die of pain the day of the needles and then the following 24/48 hours I get around 30% Releaf. But now that I have the Releaf Stick my muscle pain is minimal….. I can honestly say some days I feel like I don’t have any pain!! I swear by this stick. I have recommended Active Releaf to a lot of people….. and the have purchased it as well and say the same thing as me!!! This product is amazing and every house hold should have this stick in their home!
    My elderly parents use it for their Arthritis and osteoporosis pain . My sister uses it for her slipped and bulging discs in her lower back. My friends have purchased for themselves and family members. Not one negative response when I ask “How are you liking the Active Releaf stick.”
    Koodo’s to you Active Releaf for making a great product!! My life would suck without you!
    And thank you Mike for all your support.

  31. Faye Kempf

    Thank you Mike for all your help !
    Not only with the product info but with the website help. My son gave me the 300mg Releaf stick sometime ago and my partner and I have enjoyed the joint pain relief so much that I had to get more. I was so “relieved “ to find “ReLeaf” and to get such great help from the Sales Manager Mike.
    I am extremely happy to have received my order so soon after placing the order and to have a follow up from Mike.
    Thank you thank you from Faye K !

  32. astorring

    Hello all, anyone suffering from pain, muscle tension., etc. This is the product for you! I had a large rack fall on my hip 2 years ago and countless trips to the chiropractor , physio, massage…this stick works the best! I dont have to wait for my appointments, just roll it on and helps tremendously for hours. My husband also uses it when he has sore muscles as he is a plumber. Get it. It’s so worth it! A. Storring thank you again Mike. A pleasure corresponding with you.

  33. ericamsteven

    Was not a follower nor believer in cannabinoid products but tried this as a last ditch attempt to solve some ailments and within 15 mins the pain had ebbed. Have been recommending this product to everyone. Worth the money and more!

  34. Michael Watt

    This stuff is magic, I’ve tried every isolate product out there and nothing compares to this topical for my shoulders after a hard day of pitching baseball. I’ll keep buying this one.

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