Bath Salt

    • BATH SALTS – 160mg


      500g  |  160mg of cannabinoids (4 suggested uses per bag)

      Our BATH SALTS are specially formulated to tantalize the senses with an all-natural therapeutic blend that cleanses and soothes to support overall well-being. Combined with the highest quality broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract that has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

      RECHARGE (Eucalyptus + Himalayan Salt + Epsom Salt)

      Infused with eucalyptus to help the body recover and clear sinuses for easy breathing. The ‘aromatherapeutic’ benefits are great for those feeling under the weather.

      UNWIND (Lavender + Himalayan Salt + Epsom Salt)

      A calming and therapeutic formulation that includes lavender to ease the mind and relax the body. A serene spa-like experience with tranquil aromas that help to unwind and decompress.

      DETOXIFY (Charcoal + Epsom Salt)

      Formulated with activated charcoal that pulls toxins and free radicals from the skin while Epsom salts work to relax aching muscles and stiff joints.


      Broad-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract, Epsom salt, Essential oils, Baking soda, Citric acid, Pink Himalayan salt, Magnesium, Polysorbate

      Suggested Usage:

      In full bath add 4 scoops – approximately 125g (40mg of cannabinoids) or desired amount. One scoop is approximately 31.25g (10mg of cannabinoids).


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