Customer Story: How Randy Won Back His Health
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When we receive feedback from customers and learn about their wellness journeys, it is pretty astonishing to see how our products help alleviate different types of conditions from menstrual pain to inflammation, anxious feelings and sleep complaints.

We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback to better understand how to improve the quality of our products to help elevate their wellness journeys.

Today, one of our loyal customers, Randy, shares his experiences on his wellness journey with us today. Please have a look.

Question: Randy, thank you very much for agreeing to share your experiences with us. First of all, what do you do for a living and what are your hobbies?

Randy: I own my own niche business and I fix hail damaged vehicles using a process called Paintless Dent Repair. It’s a high-paced, pressure filled trade. It is extremely physical and I only use sharp metal rods, leverage, specialized hand tools and LED fade lights to repair hundreds, if not a thousand dents per car.

As for my hobbies, my main interests revolve around health & fitness.  As a former gym owner and certified weight trainer, this has been an integral part of my life for 35 years and counting.  And oh… I’m a car nut too.  Go figure.

Question: What is your daily schedule like?

Randy: When I’m working, it’s non-stop madness! I work for 12+ hours a day and 6-7 days a week. Or as much as I can handle.  Any precious spare time is running errands. That’s it.

Thankfully, the torture only lasts 3 to 4 months a year. For the other 8 or 9 months I have off, I purposely take it easy. I enjoy walking in the forest, mountain biking, weight training, movies, audiobooks. My favorite guilty pleasure is sessions in a racing and pinball simulator. Admittedly, not your typical work/life balance situation, but I built it this way and it works well for me.

Blog #8 - How Randy Wins Back His Healthy Life

Question: How did you hear about ACTIVE RELEAF?

Randy: Honestly, a Google search. ACTIVE RELEAF’s website comes up first. After  checking out the competitions, I came right back and bought my first bottle of Wellness Tincture from ACTIVE RELEAF. Why? Initially, due to the professionalism portrayed on the website. Later, I came to learn that ACTIVE RELEAF provides products with high quality ingredients. I love that they’re also local to me! CBD has certainly become my best friend.

Later, I came to learn that ACTIVE RELEAF provides products with high quality ingredients. I love that they’re also local to me! CBD has certainly become my best friend.”

Question: Could you tell us about your health conditions?

Randy: I’m unable to eat or digest food or drink water properly, sometimes not at all despite being a health nut over my 54 years. It’s scary. The condition is called Gastroparesis and yet doctors – GP, specialist or naturopath – all seemed to think I was making it up. I was fearing for my life, losing weight that I couldn’t afford, fighting hydration and slowly starving to death.

That is, until the day I took my first dose of ACTIVE RELEAF Wellness Tincture Original Formula. After a few drops, I immediately felt my stomach valve relax and let food and liquid pass. I could hear it too… What a RELEAF!

It was like a miracle. It truly saved my life.  As long as my dose & schedule are dialed in (I had to experiment early on), I’ve continued to use it regularly for years, without issues.

Question: Until you started having Gastroparesis, what was your health like?

Randy: Actually, quite good. I only get a cold once every 4 years and have never had the flu in my adult life.  This is likely due to a healthy lifestyle, a clean diet, lots of exercise and good sleep hygiene.  I have no idea how I contracted this terrible affliction, likely a damaged vagus nerve, but regardless – I’m forced to deal with it daily.

Question: How long have you been using the Wellness Tincture?

Randy: I’ve been using the Wellness Tincture exclusively since early 2016 or so. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but having also toyed with other brands, there’s just no comparison. ACTIVE RELEAF Wellness Tincture worked the moment it dropped under my tongue and has ever since. Consistently. I can’t say the same for some of the other stuff out there.

ACTIVE RELEAF Wellness Tincture

Question: Do you take the Wellness Tincture daily?

Randy: Surprisingly, the tincture seems to calm my digestive system so well, that I can sometimes stop taking it for weeks or months at a time. Thankfully, it works reliably when things act up again.

Question: Is there anything you noticed about the ACTIVE RELEAF products?

Randy: I find them to be very high-quality and effective and the products have barely any smell or taste whatsoever – which is rare. Great job guys.

I find them (the ACTIVE RELEAF products) to be very high-quality and effective and the products have barely any smell or taste whatsoever – which is rare. Great job guys.”

Question: Could you please share messages or advice to people who have similar conditions to yours?

Randy: Disturbingly, I’ve watched many Gastroparesis forum members slowly die of malnutrition over the years and I thought I was heading in the same direction. I have gone through some very dark times of my own. Unable to eat, drink or sleep. it’s a torture you can’t imagine until you live through it.

Though I’ve had great success using CBD to treat my own case, I’ve had a hard time convincing others of its virtues. You’d think having a natural, side-effect free, cost effective tincture would be a perfect solution. However, unfortunately, even well-meaning people such as the established medical community have great misgivings about so-called “alternative” medicine. So they push substandard medical treatments instead.  My advice on CBD oil is simple… “what have you got to lose”?

Question: Currently, how are you doing? How is your health?

Randy: Things are generally good! I still have the odd bad days and nights where food and liquids stubbornly won’t move into the intestinal tract like they should.  This causes constant heartburn, occasional insomnia, nausea and vomiting when really bad. And it’s a snowball effect too, getting harder and harder to come back from the longer each episode goes on. So, I avoid getting into this state at all costs.

If you stay on top of the CBD intake, it is quite effective at preventing and curtailing these symptoms by itself. So is proper diet, movement and occasional fasting. However, none of them are a panacea. There are still some days that nothing works. At least it’s now manageable and most importantly, I’m still here to talk about it and I am thriving!

Thank you Randy, for sharing your experience of Gastroparesis with transparency and authenticity. We are glad to learn that he found an effective and affordable way to manage his health condition while enjoying his active lifestyle.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working with cannabinoids as the ever growing scientific data being published is backing up the countless positive experiences people have with cannabinoids. In this study they concluded:

“Cannabinoids dramatically improve the symptoms of gastroparesis. Furthermore, an improvement in abdominal pain with cannabinoids represents a breakthrough for gastroparesis-associated abdominal pain treatment, for which there are currently no validated therapies.”

We’re proud to help Randy and others in finding effective, plant based support especially for issues that currently lack effective therapies.



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