5 Affordable and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is coming up and we all know how hard it can be to find that right gift year after year, and occasion to occasion, but don’t worry! We have some ideas and present pairings that may just solve your gift problems this year. 

Better Together Personalized Book of Love. (For Him, Her or Them, but really for all )

valentines day gift idea 1

Personalized gifts for that special landmark occasion of togetherness isn’t anything new, we have all seen scrap books of personal memorabilia and custom photo albums, but this new version of an old idea is fun and unique, and presents a twist on the memory book idea. 

At Uncommongoods.com, you can choose a cover, names, genders, and all the unique, quirky, or just plain old characteristics of you and your partner into an illustrated book of your history and even your future too. Document your favourite memories and add things to your future like making a date night wish list. This idea results in an unforgettably romantic gift idea. It’s $62.

The Audible Subscription (For Him, Her or Them)

Valentines day gift idea 2

Practical presents can be as thoughtful as sentimental ones. You may not have considered audio books romantic, but an Audible subscription is something useful for those who don’t enjoy reading like myself. 

If you think it’s too impersonal, consider printing the gift code or creating a custom card and including the code inside the card with your creatively skilled hands. Another idea would be to pair up this virtual gift with something more tangible. 

Audible has a free 30 day trial and only $14.95 CAD per month and gets cheaper with an up- front paid subscription. It also includes 1 book credit per month – for the gift that keeps on giving!

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace (For Her or Them)

Valentines day gift idea 3

I personally love this one, it represents women’s strength. This symbolic necklace depicts a piece of smashed ceiling glass in a pendant necklace that represents the incredibly momentous milestones  that those who identify as women have, and will continue to achieve.. Pair this with a heartfelt note of all the breakthrough moments your love has reached in their life. 

This is another one from Uncommmongoods.com. Each piece of glass is cracked by hand and every single one is unique. Buyers have loved it because it is meaningful and beautifully artistic, and it made them feel empowered in a unique, special way. $90 Check it out here!

The Wine Collective (For Him, Her or Them)

valentines day gift idea 5

The Wine Collective is another reused idea of an online subscription, but this another one of those great virtual and physical gifts that bring a reminder to your loved ones for a month or more. I’m not the biggest fan of virtual gifts for a significant other (as I got chewed out from an ex before) but pairing this up with something personal can always be the savior. 

The Wine Collective is a Canadian service, and you can pick from two, four, or six wines a month with mixtures of white and red. Prices start from $59.99 – $139.99 per month. 

ACTIVE RELEAF Wellness Products (For Him, Her or Them)

Valentines Lavender bundles


One of the biggest crazes right now is the hemp based CBD industry and BC-based ACTIVE RELEAF offers high quality, customer raved CBD wellness and self-care products. Products range from muscle relief topical rubs, to all-natural CBD soaps, bath bombs and soaps. These products can be great as add on gifts and right now, we have special curated Valentine’s day bundles at discounted prices. First time buyers get free shipping with the special coupon 1STFREESHIP”. 

The special Valentine’s Day bundle prices range from $45-$60. Shop here.

If you’re struggling with what to buy, here are some fantastic ideas that are affordable and thoughtful. With some thought, it could be one of the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for your relationship that won’t cost you an arm and leg. All in all, we hope you and your loved one have a great Valentine’s Day celebration filled with love.




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